Executive Committee by-elections and referendum Long Vac 2012

KCGS By-election 2012: Results

By-election results can be found at https://www.vote.cusu.cam.ac.uk/kings-kcgs/12-13/byelectionsepmmxii/?results

Candidates and Manifestos can be found here

43 votes were cast in this election (21.4% turnout):

SECRETARY:  (Votes 39)
WORTH, Nicolas – 38
Re-Open Nominations  - 1
The new KCGS Secretary is Nicolas Worth

DZENG, Elizabeth – 27
NUNO, Joao Alves – 12
Re-Open Nominations – 1
The new KCGS Junior Member of Council and Governing Body is Elizabeth Dzeng

CHAIR: (Votes 40)
UNRUH, Daniel – 36
Re-Open Nominations – 4
The new KCGS Chair is Daniel Unruh

BOOTH, Josh – 39
Re-Open Nominations – 2
The new KCGS Academic Affairs Officer is Josh Booth

DOMUS: (Votes 40)
MUNRO, Andrew – 38
Re-Open Nomination – 2
The new KCGS Domus Officer is Andrew Munro

BIGGS, Alison – 38
Re-Open Nomination – 2
The new KCGS Women’s Officer is Alison Biggs

McKECHNIE, Scott – 38
Re-Open Nomination – 3
The new KCGS Environmental Officer is Scott McKechnie

Referendum: Should KCGS use up to £700 of its reserve funds, which currently total around £3700, to purchase a new television and a stand for the Graduate Suite and, if necessary, a TV licence for Whichcote House?
Votes – 43
Yes – 37 (86.05%)
No – 4 (9.3%)
Blank – 2 (4.65%)

The referendum was PASSED (and the turnout threshold of 20% was reached, with more than 2/3rd majority)

Background to referendum:

'KCGS is currently in the process of trying to get the Graduate Suite refurbished and upgraded. We are asking college to provide funding for this project which, at most optimistic projections, may take place during the summer of 2013. In the meantime however we feel there is real need for a new television in the grad suite, which we propose should be purchased from the existing KCGS reserves. These reserves, totalling around £3700, are primarily to buffer KCGS for unexpected expenses however we do not feel that the purchase of the new television would prevent them from continuing to serve this purpose. The £700 figure is an upper limit with possible budgeted expenditure being £500 for a new television and £50 for a stand for that television. The old grad suite TV and freeview box would then be put in the common room at Whichcote House which would serve to foster the graduate community of new graduate students arriving there at the end of this month. The remaining £150 would be to cover the possible need to buy a TV licence for Whichcote House should college not be willing to do so. We feel this would be a large improvement for viewing events in the graduate suite, such as the film club, and major sporting matches, whilst having the added benefit of affording the same TV privileges to Whichcote House as are enjoyed by those living in Grasshopper Lodge and at 3 Cranmer Road. Because this expenditure is outside of the current KCGS budget it must be approved by a general meeting or referendum, in order to try and make this happen before new graduates arrive we have chosen to call this referendum on the issue to run alongside the KCGS election.'

Motion submitted by Jake Howe, Social Secretary, KCGS