Exec Committee Computing Information

Hi all,

This is a compendium of various committee-specific bits of computing information that I hope will be useful. If anything is missing / you have any questions, drop me a line :).

Email Aliases (grad.position [at] kings.cam.ac.uk)

How do they work?

Email sent to your email alias will be delivered to your Hermes inbox. This is something that is set up for you on the hermes/King's networks.
In order to send emails from your email alias, you'll need to follow the instructions below.

Setup instructions

In order to send emails from your grad.<position>@kings.cam.ac.uk address you'll need to add it as a new alias/identity to whichever program (Gmail, Hermes webmail, Thunderbird, Outlook etc) you use to send emails from.

In the instructions below, replace grad.<position>@kings.cam.ac.uk with your email alias.

Hermes webmail
  1. Go to https://webmail.hermes.cam.ac.uk/ and login
  2. On the top header tab choose "Settings"
  3. Under "Settings" choose "Identities" and click on the " + " Sign.
  4. Fill in DISPLAY NAME: Something like KCGS Position - Your Name and EMAIL (THIS IS THE ESSENTIAL PART): your email alias.
  5. Add a personal signature (if you wish for this alias) and click Save.
  6. To send a new email choose compose. It will allow you to choose the default or alias from the drop down option. Choose alias to send the email from your grad.<position>@kings.cam.ac.uk address
Setting up on Other Email Clients:

If you already have your email client (/gmail) set up to send from your Hermes, your email client will have a similar procedure for setting a new alias/identity for sending from. This can usually be found under the account settings. Email me if you have any problems.


Email Lists

KCGS-managed lists

  • kings-grads [at] lists.cam.ac.uk - The main KCGS email list
  • kings-grads-members [at] lists.cam.ac.uk - Use for advertising events at which KCGS (or the KGB) serves alcohol. Effectively the same as kings-grads but excluding 4th yr undergrads in order to comply with college rules
  • kings-grads-announce [at] lists.cam.ac.uk - Used by the KCGS secretary for official constitutionally-mandated announcements (e.g. elections and meetings)

KCSU-managed lists

  • info [at] kcsu.org.uk - The general KCSU list, useful for contacting undergrads
  • announce [at] kcsu.org.uk - Used by KCSU for announcements/notices from their Exec to the undergrads
  • (grads [at] kcsu.org.uk - sometimes seen, effectively an alias for our kings-grads [at] lists.cam.ac.uk list)

College-managed lists (posts to these lists require someone in college to approve them, which is unlikely to happen on a weekend)

  • all [at] kings.cam.ac.uk - Everyone at King's
  • students [at] kings.cam.ac.uk - Undergrads and grads (I think)
  • undergraduates [at] kings.cam.ac.uk - Undergrads, college maanged
  • graduates [at] kings.cam.ac.uk (an alias of kings-graduates [at] lists.cam.ac.uk) - Grads, college managed
  • fellows [at] kings.cam.ac.uk - Fellows
  • staff [at] kings.cam.ac.uk - Staff
  • porters [at] kings.cam.ac.uk - All the porters


Creating and Editing Website Content

This website is set up so that committee members can create / edit content that is relevant to them / their post. When you are logged in via Raven and browse to a page that you are able to edit, you will see an 'edit' tab up the top of the page. More on editing below. You may also see a 'grant' tab at the top of the page which controls who can view/edit the page, and this could come in handy for restricting access to just KCGS members or just KCGS Exec. More on that below. Finally, you can also create new content (events, polls for the exec, or even full pages) via the 'add content' link at the bottom of the right hand side menu.

General editing guidelines

  • Speak to me (the computing officer) if you are unsure on anything.
  • Do not set font face, colour or size directly - use the styles defined under the 'Format' menu for headings etc. 'Heading 3' should be used for main section titles and 'Heading 4' for sub-section titles. The website is set up to look good on a number of devices (mobiles and laptops alike) but this can only work effectively if we keep to the styles defined. This also keeps formatting consistent around the site.
  • You must hit save at the bottom of the page after every change and before swithing to a different editing tab. If you switch to a different editing tab before hitting save, your changes will be lost.
  • Use bold/italic/underline sparingly.


Events to appear on the KCGS Calendar are created via 'add content' > 'event'. The event creation page should be self-explanatory. Events can be created as 'provisional' (only visible to the exec) when they are in the planning stage and then marked as non-provisional by editing the event and un-checking the relevant box. Upcoming non-provisional events will appear on the front page and also on the right hand side-bar. There is no link between events on the KCGS Calendar and events on the KCGS Store.

Blog posts

This website has a custom-built blog functionality to enable us to communicate better with our members. Twitter and Facebook can also be used (and/or a blog post shared on twitter / fb) depending on the type of thing you wish to convey. Blog posts can be created via 'add content' > 'Blog post'. When you create a blog post you assign it a category which will generally be the name of the position you hold on the exec. If your position does not have a blog post but you would like one, just ask the computing officer to create one for you. If needed/relevant, blog posts can be assigned to multiple categories. Recent blog posts (if any) will appear on the front page and all blog posts are accessible via 'Blog' on the top menu. There is also an RSS feed for the KCGS blog for anyone who wishes to subscribe to it.


Polls are useful for simple questions and can be used to gather a vote either from general members or from the Exec outside of a meeting (see the stipulation in the KCGS Constitution). Votes in polls are not annonymous. Polls can be created via 'add content' > 'Poll'.
  • For general member polls, you will generally want to advertise a poll on the front page of the site, and this is done by going to 'Publishing Options' > 'Promoted to front page'. The remainng settings can be left at the default.
  • For Exec polls you will want to add them to appear on the KCGS Discussion page - this page is in fact a book to which items can be added, so you can add your poll to it by going to 'book outline' and selecting KCGS Executive Committee Discussion. There is also one further step for Exec polls ... making sure only the Exec can vote on them! Just after you create the poll, go to the 'grant' tab and remove the checkbox under 'authenticated user' (if people can view a poll, they can vote on it). Once you are sure you have set the grant permissions correctly, you could also promote it to the front page (see bullet point above) which will make it appear on the front page when someone with permission to view the poll is logged in.


Surveys can have many questions and the results from them are annonymised. These are useful for  ... erm ... doing surveys and are quite simple to set up. You can set things such as how many times someone can fill in a survey etc, which is often tricky with external survey websites, and the results in their anonymised form can be retrieved by future committees if required (ask the computing officer). You can create a survey under 'add content' > 'Webform'. Surveys are a different from standard pages - leave the 'body' section of the webform editing page blank and assemble the content using the 'Webform' tab. The 'Webform' tab has sub-tabs which control the survey content, whether the survey is open or closed, how many times people can submit the survey etc etc.

Controlling Permissions on website content

Permissions to most of the content on this website can be set via the 'grant' tab. This will appear at the top of a page when you are logged in, if you have the ability to change permissions on that page (for example, if you created it). You can assign viewing and editing rights to relevant 'Roles' and / or to individual people if required. Note that 'editing' permissions are for changing the content itself, and are not required to be able to submit polls / surveys etc. The following main Roles are likely to be useful:
  • annonymous user - any member of the public browsing the website
  • authenticated user - anyone with an account on the website (aka KCGS members who have logged in via Raven)
  • KCGS Executive Committee - everyone on the Exec