Officer Code of Conduct

The Officer Code of Conduct outlines the expected standards of behaviour of KCGS Officers.  It is a means by which KCGS Members can hold the Executive to account, and the Executive can hold one another to account.  

All Officers are made aware of the Code on their election, and the President is responsible for its enforcement.  If an Officer breaks the Code repeatedly, they will face a referendum on their continued membership of the KCGS Executive.

The Officer Code of Conduct is split into five sections:

Officer responsibilities. The day-to-day requirements for Officers of the Executive are described, including their attendance requirements, and methods for ensuring KCGS funds are spent appropriately.

Conflicts of interest. The mechanism for resolving conflicts of interest among Officers is established

ComplaintsFor behaviour by Officers or the Executive which does not explicitly break this Code, but which KCGS members still feel is unacceptable, a requirement is established for Officers to answer any complaints from members. Officers who incur multiple complaints for which they are individually accountable are deemed to have broken the Code.

Formal tickets. For the sake of transparency, the way in which tickets to Formals may be reserved and distributed by Officers who organise the events is made clear.

Officer benefits.  The purpose and cost to KCGS of the Handover Dinner for Officers, together with situations in which Officers may have their inviation withdrawn is described.  A mechanism for Officers reporting any other unexpected benefits they recieve as a consequence of their position is established.

The Code can be amended by a vote of the Executive after a proposal by the President, who will welcome all suggested improvements.

If you feel that an Officer has broken the Code you are encouraged to contact the President (or the Chair, in the case of the President) to make them aware of the situation.