Officer Code of Conduct: Officer benefits

Handover Dinners

Officers will be invited to attend two Handover Dinners – one at the start of their year in office (if in office by this point), and one after the end.

The purposes of the Handover Dinner are: (a) to ensure a meeting between Officers and their predecessors who often no longer live in Cambridge (or even the UK), (b) to give the President a "carrot" with which to motivate the Executive and encourage standing for election, and (c) to remove any incentive or excuse for Officers to otherwise reward themselves for their work at the expense of KCGS.

The cost of the Handover Dinner, including the cost (if any) of taking a photo of the outgoing committee and having a copy of this photo put up in College, may be subsidised by the Tutorial Office and by KCGS.

The President will ensure that KCGS does not subsidise the cost of the Handover Dinner by more than the ticket price to the last Graduate Formal per attending Officer.

An invitation to the Handover Dinners is a privilege, and not a right. However, the President (with the agreement of a Graduate Tutor), will only withdraw invitations for serious or repeat misconduct.


Other benefits

If any Officer, as a result of their position, receives any significant benefit or advantage not already mentioned in this Code, they have a responsibility to declare it at the next Meeting of the Society.

Officers have a responsibility to decline any inappropriate benefits or advantages, i.e. those which would create a certain conflict of interest.

Whether or not a benefit is significant is a matter of discretion. It is not simply a financial distinction: e.g., free refreshments at a committee meeting are not significant, but the chance to purchase a reserved ticket to an event with restricted attendance is.


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