Executive Committee elections 2013


Results are out for the KCGS General Election 2013. These results must be certified by the returning officer Revd. Richard Lloyd Morgan, before they become official.

Total Number of Votes: 87 (30% turnout)

Secretary (86 Votes): Nicholas Worth (81)

Junior Member of Council and Governing Body (a.k.a Joint Rep) (84 Votes): Ben Abrams (76)

Chair (83 Votes): Jon Brown (76)

Social Secretaries (84 Votes): Kittiphat Am Chanthong, Hunter Dukes, Matthew Lasnoski and George Chater (80)

Welfare Officer (84 Votes): Sarah Stein Lubrano (79)

Academic Affairs (81 Votes): Seth Cheetham (74)

International Officer (81 Votes): Alison Greggor (77)

Domus (84 Votes): Andrew Munro (78)

LGBT+ Officer (77 Votes): Jasper Montana (73)

Equality Officer (82 Votes): Max Hewkin-Smith (71)

Environment Officer (73 Votes): Winner: Lui Gillian (41)
                                Maximillian Fries (26)

Sports and Societies Officer (78 Votes): Winner: Fiona Latham (54)
                                          Max Hewkin-Smith (22)

Computing Officer (82): Alex Ridge (80)


Voting on 24th November (Sunday) at 12PM to 26th November (Tueday) 12PM




President: Vacant

Secretary: Nicholas Worth

Junior Treasurer: Vacant

Joint Rep: Ben Abrams

Chair: Jon Brown

Social Secretaries: Kittiphat Am Chanthong, George Chater, Hunter Dukes and Matt Lasnoski ('Kin(G)ship')

Welfare Officer: Sarah Stein Lubrano

Academic Affairs Officer: Seth Cheetham

International Students' Officer: Alison Greggor

Domus: Andrew Munro

Women's Officer: Vacant

LGBT+ Officer: Jasper Montana

Equality Officer: Max Hewkin-Smith

Environmental Officer: Maximilian Fries

                                      Gillian Lui

Sports and Societies Officer: Max Hewkin-Smith

                                               Fiona Latham

Computing Officer: Alex Ridge