Sports and Societies

King’s is lucky to have a wide range of sports clubs and student societies, catering for a variety of interests. The clubs and societies each receive some funding, which means that activities are often subsidised, so they are cheaper or even free! Much of the required equipment is purchased by the clubs and often venue hire is paid for too, so that the cost to you is kept to a minimum.

If you are interested in getting involved in a sports club or society, you can find the relevant email address in the Contact List.

If your favourite sport or activity isn't listed, don't despair, more information on starting your own club or society can be found in the 'Funding' and 'Starting a New Club' sections at the bottom of this page. Alternatively, a university-wide club or society may already exist and fulfil your needs, have a look here to find out.


Sports Clubs

Rowing (King's College Boat Club, KCBC)

KCBC was founded in 1858 and is still going strong. They have a boat house down below Jesus Lock and an Erg Room in college. These facilities are regularly used by the largest active membership of any society in King's. Novices are typically taken on in Michaelmas term and those who enjoy it will join the senior crews in Lent term, in time for Bumps! The club typically fields three men's boats and two women's boats at the Lent and May Bumps. There is also a big social side to the club, with Boat Club Dinners, Boat Club swaps, and many great nights out. If you are even a little bit curious about rowing or coxing (it's just as important!), drop one of the captains an email (kings [at], meet the Vice-Captains at the Freshers Fair, or show up to the Boat Club Squash in Fresher’s week.

Climbing, Hiking and Kayaking

(King's Mountaineering and Kayaking Association, KMKA)

KMKA was only formed in 2010, but is the product of a merger of two older established clubs (KCKC, the kayak club, and WHAM, the hiking and climbing club). KMKA runs (subsidised!) weekly climbing at the local bouldering wall, morning paddling outings,  kayak polo (when the weather is nice), and trips to Harlow climbing wall (for longer roped climbs and learning to lead!). Lastly the club organizes a few trips away during the year for whitewater paddling (either at the Olympic centre an hour away or on a real river further afield), rock climbing (on actual rock!), hillwaking and hiking, and culminating with the summer trip, taking in all our activities in locations such as the Highlands, Snowdonia and the Alps! In addition to this, KMKA looks after King’s fleet of kayaks and canoes. To use them you will have to undergo an induction, normally run at the beginning of Michaelmas and Easter Terms – look out for emails, after which you will be welcome to take them out any time all for free. Sign up to the mailing lists at the fresher’s fair, attend the squash in fresher’s week, drop an email to kmka [at], look out for advertisement emails, or corner one of the KMKA Committee in the bar to get involved. KMKA are always keen to have new people along!

Rugby (CCK)

King’s plays as part of CCK, a joint rugby team between Corpus Christi, Clare and King's colleges. Strong performers on the field, the team is always looking for more players as getting a team out amidst hectic Cambridge schedules can be a challenge. Brilliant social life too.

Men’s Football

A first and a second XI play regular games in the College leagues and Cuppers (InterCollege Cup tournaments played in all sports). Always happy for new players.

Women’s Football

One of our best performing teams with good record in the league and cup. Enthusiastic, fun and relaxed team, who regularly discover new talent even in those who have never played before – leave those books behind, spend your Saturday afternoons running around having fun, get involved!


Regular training and College league matches hosted at Kelsey Kerridge (the club pays for the courts).


The athletics team don't hold regular training sessions, but are a good starting point for those who want to give something a go and are always willing to nurture hidden talent. King’s has done well in the two annual intercollegiate competitions over the past few years, partly due to some exceptional individual performances, but also due to big turn outs of people willing to turn up, give a new (or old) discipline a try and have fun.

Netball (Women’s and Mixed)

All matches played on weekends with a relatively low level of commitment but a maximal level of fun! Especially one for the boys who have never tried netball before!


Usually train and play matches twice a week. They have a few racquets and plenty of shuttlecocks for those who want to try the sport. Email kcsu-badminton [at] for more details.

Lacross (Mixed)

Restarted in Michaelmas 2013, they hit the ground running in the college leagues, and hope to continue the success! Great fun and commitment not required, training and matches take place weekly in term time.

Swimming and Water Polo

Mostly focused on the annual Cuppers competitions. Pull on your swimming costume and swim for the college!


Played on King’s own Squash Courts on the School site (by the UL), the club trains, organises coaching, and plays intercollegiate matches. The courts are also available to use privately, for free, after an induction.

Tennis (King's College Tennis Club, KCTC)

Runs regular training and casual games on both hard and grass courts. The multi-purpose hard court next to the squash courts is also available for free use, get the keys from the Porters Lodge.


Play intercollegiate pool matches, teams are usually recruited at the start of Michaelmas term.


Regular training sessions and intercollege matches during the warmer months.


Compete in the annual cuppers competitions in Easter term. King’s has a good track record in the competition, and grads often get involved because undergrads are busy with exams/revision. 


Cuppers are held on the annual Varsity Ski Trip and King's always needs competitors! For more details see and contact the King's Rep


Focussed on competing in college Cuppers. Keep an eye on your inbox to get involved.

Capoeira Angola

Capoeira is a game, or "martial dance", with Afro-Brazilian roots. It involves two people trying to dominate the game space through clever movements. Training is aimed at general body control and acrobatic aspects, as well as the traditional music accompanying the game. Beginners welcome!



Music Society (King's College Music Society, KCMS)

King’s is famous across the globe for its musical traditions, indeed music is one of the four founding aims of the College. KCMS organizes a wide range of musical events through the year, from termly orchestral in the chapel to smaller more intimate affairs held in venues including the Provost’s drawing room. Involvement in KCMS can be as an orchestral player, soloist, audience member, or committee member. If you would like to be a part of KCMS, email music [at] and sign up to the King's College Musicians' Database,

King's Voices

King's mixed choir. Hold regular rehearsals and performs regularly, including weekly at evensong in the Chapel. Auditions held in early Michaelmas term.

King's Yoga

For old hands or total novices, yoga classes are held twice a week and especially popular among the graduate community. Subsidised for King’s members to £3 a session (£5 for guests), watch out for emails to the mailing list to join in.

Art Room

Run painting and life drawing sessions, keep an eye on your inboxes or contact the Art Room rep to get involved.

Dark Room

Possibly uniquely among colleges, King’s has its own dark room, hidden in a basement in Webbs. Even better it has a lovely bunch of enthusiastic types who will show you the ropes and make sure the room is stocked with a few basic supplies to start you off.


A recently resurrected group of keen thesps and theatrical producers who have put on a number of shows in 2012-14 are looking for ideas and participants for the coming year.

King's Tango

Dance the night away at one of the regular Argentine Tango classes held at King’s. Everyone is very welcome, from complete beginners to experienced tangueros and tangueras. There will be nice music to dance to and friendly people to dance with. There's no need to bring a dance partner, but feel free to bring a friend.

The Cellar Bar Committee

The committee who run the College’s own student music and events venue. Having fallen from past heights and indeed been almost completely shut for the past couple of years it has risen from the ashes and aims to become one of the University’s premier venues as King’s Bunker. The Committee also organizes the Mingle, a large themed fancy dress party at the end of Michaelmas and Lent terms. Email info [at] for more details.

Apiculture Society (Beekeeping)

King's most populous society (if you count the bees!) has been keeping bees since early 2014, get involved to get your hands on some King's honey!

King's Jest

King's own comedy showcase. Get your jokes ready and keep an eye on your inboxes for audition times. Alternatively, turn up at the advertised time to find yourself in stitches for less than the price of a pint!

King's Review

King's own academic and current affairs online magazine. Email the editors (editors [at] to get involved.

King's Affair

Help organise the biggest party of the King's calendar, our June Event, the King's Affair. Committee applications usually open in Easter term and again in Michaelmas term, email chair [at] for more details.

King's Vegans

Explore the culinary delights of vegan cooking and you'll find that food can still taste great without animal products, with fantastic health benefits to boot!


Grad Societies

Film Club

Does what it says on the tin. Sunday nights, a different film each week with popcorn and hot chocolate too. If you’ve got a film you think needs to be seen, feel free to suggest it, even better if you already have the DVD!


KCGS is the proud owner of a large, decent quality poker set. Get in touch with the Sports and Societies Officer to borrow it. If anyone would like to organise and advertise a regular poker game then please do!



The following facilities are available at most times (often weather/light dependent), although may require payment and/or a safety induction as highlighted below.

The Vault Gym

Opened in Michaelmas 2013, this facility comprises a cardio and resistance machine room in the old bank vault under the new Bene’t Street Hostel, and a freeweights room under Webb's Court. Shower facilities are available adjacent to the weights room. Membership costs just £30/year. Requires a safety induction after which use your university card to access the vault and sign out the freeweights room key (must be done in pairs) from the Porters Lodge.

£30/year, Requires Induction.


The quintessential Cambridge pastime, and certainly a splendid way to spend a summer’s day (try going up to Grantchester for tea and scones at the Orchards). Maintained by the punt committee, the poles are kept in the passage by S staircase, the cushions in a cupboard behind the door in Y and the punts unsurprisingly in the river on the Scholar’s piece bank. Sign out a key during the hours of daylight from the Porters Lodge. Costs £5/hour for students, punts take 6 people, don’t take too many valuables as it is not uncommon to fall in while punting (especially for the more inexperienced!). Email punts [at] for more information.


Kayaks and Canoes

King's has a fleet of over 20 kayaks and canoes. To use them you will have to undergo an induction, normally run at the beginning of Michaelmas and Easter Terms – look out for emails, after which you will be welcome to take them out any time all for free. Email kmka [at] for more information.

FREE, Requires Induction.

Squash Courts

Once inducted by the Squash club (and upon proving you have non-marking trainers) you can book the courts through the online booking system and use them for informal games and practise. Courts are located on the King’s School site by Kingsfield and Garden Hostels, and the UL.

FREE, Requires Induction.

Multi-Purpose Tennis/Netball/Basketball Court

Next to the squash courts. Sign out the key at the Porters Lodge, can be booked in advance.


Tennis Courts

6 grass courts are located on Barton Road, a few minutes cycle from the back of College. 2 hard courts and 3 astro-turf courts are located at the King's School. Sign keys out from the Porters Lodge. See for more details.


Croquet Lawn

There is a croquet lawn at the north end of Fellows Garden by the summerhouse and a croquet set kept in a locked box in the summerhouse. The key can be signed out at the Porters Lodge.


Music Rooms

Bookable through the Porters Lodge, these are in Keynes basement. Available for band or individual practice, equipped with pianos, drum kits and some amps and microphones.


Pool Table

Located in the bar.


Table Football

Located in the grad suite social room.



Located in the grad suite social room.




The clubs and societies are funded by the graduate and undergraduate student unions (KCGS and KCSU respectively), either directly or more commonly through the Societies Funding Committee (SFC). Midway through Michaelmas Term each year, the SFC takes in budget requests and allocates the available funding. The budget is then approved, after discussion and negotiation, at a joint graduate and undergraduate open meeting.


Starting A New Club

If you don’t think a need is satisfied and that there should be a new club in King’s, you can set it up and the SFC and the student unions will do their best to find you the necessary funding. If you want to start a new club or society in this way, find a group of people who are also interested and then contact the KCGS Sports and Societies Officer grad.sports [at]