Computing and IT (setting up and general info)

In the era of on-line networking, one cannot live without Internet connectivity and computing technologies. The various systems, which you would use on a day-to-day basis are explained to help you ease in to the Cambridge network.


To get you started, you need your application id, which is the 8 digit number "1XXXXXXX" (starting with '1'), issued by the Student Registry (it will be on the admission email from the student registry). You will then be able to retrieve your UCS password which will be the same for all the services mentioned below. To do this, find a college computer ('MCS machine') and log in with the username 'signup' and no password. Alternatively if you have internet access then you can visit Jackdaw to get your passwords.

Tutorials on how to retrieve your UCS password and get set up with these services are also displayed in the Grad Suite Computer Room! (ask a King’s grad if you can’t find it).

Your user id for all the services offered by the University is your CRSiD, which is a combination of letters followed by a number(s) (eg. xyz12).


Raven is the central web-authentication system at Cambridge University. It’s used by many websites to authorise yourself as a member of the University. Useful for downloading papers, etc., when you are not in the University Network (also called CUDN).

Hermes Webmail

Does what it says on the tin. Hermes Webmail is a service that allows you to access Cambridge University email. (your CRSiD, eg xyz12 [at]

Hermes Webmail on Microsoft Outlook

Hermes Webmail on Thunderbird

Hermes Webmail on Apple Mail

Hermes Webmail on GMail

Managed Cluster Service

The Managed Cluster Service consists of several computer rooms equipped with Internet-connected personal computers (with Ubuntu/Windows7 or Mac OS X) that are centrally managed by the Computing Service. It offers cloud storage space of up to 1GB. You can request an increase in your file quota at


eduroam (education roaming) is the secure, world-wide roaming access service developed for the international research and education community. Once, set-up you will be able to access internet connections at various Universities across the globe.

To set-up Eduroam on your laptop or on your mobile devices, please carefully follow the instructions on this page. You would need your Raven account.

Registering your device on the King’s network

King's has a college wide local wireless and eduroam services. Eduroam and King's local wireless are also available in the common room of graduate accommodations. Individual rooms have etherenet ports. In order to start using the King’s network, you need to register your device. King’s local Wi-Fi will take you to an authentication page, which should work with your Raven authentication.  Eduroam is available in the King’s Library. Once you physically connect your laptop via ethernet, you will be taken to a registration page. Follow the instructions on the page to register your laptop on the King’s network. Windows PCs might need a restart to work.

If you are unable to connect to the King's network in your accommodation or to the King's wireless, please feel free to contact the Computer Office (contact details can be found on King's Intranet page).

Fair use policy at Kings

In order to provide free internet access to all the members at King’s, external internet usage carries cost to the college while the local use within the University is free, please avoid disproportionate levels of usage. A warning email will be sent to your Hermes, when you exceed 2GB, and 5GB within 24 hours. Your internet connection will be blocked, once you exceed 10GB within 24hours. If you have a legitimate academic reason please inform the computer officers at King’s beforehand. Please refrain from using “peer-to-peer” software, such as bit-torrent to download movies/games/music. Although, there is no ban on using Video-on-demand services, they might cause high network consumption.

King's Computing Support

If you face any computing related issues feel free to contact King’s Computer Officers (contact details can be found on King's Intranet page).

EZ Proxy Library

If you are outside the CUDN, the University Library provides a proxy to authenticate yourself as an University member to download papers.